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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Great Tips to Clean Artificial Grass

Even still, it would be erroneous to say artificial grass requires no maintenance whatsoever. Like most other synthetic materials, if not given at least proper care, turf will deteriorate and its lifespan will be reduced. In this regard, one of the most important maintenance tasks to observe is the thorough cleaning of the artificial turf carpet, which should be undertaken both weekly and monthly, to different degrees. The lines below go into more detail on how to clean artificial grass.

Weekly Cleaning

As noted above, one of the few regular maintenance operations which should be undertaken with artificial grass is weekly cleaning. This task can usually be achieved by simply hosing down the artificial turf carpet, either with pure water or applying a mild detergent or liquid soap in a solution. This helps remove any debris which may have accumulated between the fibres, ensuring they remain in good condition and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

It is important, however, that home-owners do not use any type of chemical solution with active ingredients when cleaning an artificial turf carpet. This is because these types of agents tend to damage the artificial grass, thus acting counter-productively to the home-owner’s intent.

Monthly Cleaning

While on a weekly basis it is enough to lightly rinse down the artificial turf carpet, a more extensive cleaning session should be undertaken at least once a month. This should ideally involve combing the artificial grass with a rake or stiff-bristled brush or broom, to remove any debris, dust, dirt, leaves or other fouling agents which may have lodged themselves in the carpet.

Once this process has been completed, the artificial fibres may be groomed back upright using a broom or brush, to ensure the carpet retains its visually appealing look and does not appear flat or matted.

Cleaning Stains

In addition to the weekly and monthly maintenance operations described above, this article will briefly go over the best way to remove stains from an artificial grass carpet.

As with everything else relating to artificial turf maintenance, this process is easy and hassle-free. Most stains or sticky substances can be rinsed away with water and soap or detergent, in a similar process to the weekly rinse-downs described above. More persistent residues can be scraped away with a putty knife or made to unstick from the surface using an ice cube.

Whichever the preferred method, however, it is important that home-owners take care not to use harsh chemicals or sharp-edged tools when trying to rinse or scrape away stains or residual matter, as this can irreparably damage the artificial turf carpet, resulting in unexpected expenditure.

Removing Bacteria

Finally, if a home-owner suspects bacteria may be accumulating within his or her artificial grass carpet, he or she can easily see to their removal. A simple half-and-half solution of water and vinegar will do away with any bacterial agents lodging within the artificial turf and which the anti-bacterial infill has not taken care of.

About Trimming Trees

Trimming helps to keep it healthy by cutting off all the dead, diseased, or injured branches. Remove or reduce the length of stems that compete with the main leader and remove branches that cross or touch each other and any that look out of place. Take help from companies who offer Tree Removal in Phoenix Arizona to remove the trees. Proper trimming of trees, plants, shrubs of the landscape improves their structural strength, maintains their health, enhances their beauty, and increases their value. Trees are a vital part of the landscape of our homes and communities.

Pruning is Advisable:

  • Trees have crossed, overgrown branches, weak branch unions, or other defects.
  • The grown branches are dead, dying, decayed, or hazardous.
  • The branches that are lower to the ground can interfere with people or vehicles, or block visibility of signs.
  • If the tree branches or small portion is growing into buildings or utility wires that can harm.
  • The limbs have been broken by storms.
  • The trees have grown too large and might injure people or damage property.

Landscape trees not only make homes and communities more beautiful, but they also improve the environment and increase the value of the property. Trees are a natural beauty that needs to be enhanced and protected and timely trimming can also benefit the growth by avoiding diseases. There are many benefits of having your trees pruned. Proper pruning will help maintain your trees shape and encourage growth. Numerous companies in Phoenix Arizona offer Landscape Maintenance Services to take care of your lawn and maintenance.

Simple types of pruning, such as cutting lower branches from small trees, can be done with good knowledge, tools, equipment and machines by professionals. But only qualified professionals should train young trees or climb into trees to prune them. That type of tree work requires knowledge of how, when and what to trim, with safety practices, as well as working experience with various tools and tree species. Because proper pruning is a difficult and time-consuming task it can also be an unsafe work if proper care not taken. Any potentially hazardous activity associated with climbing trees, using power tools, and especially working near electric lines should be necessarily done with qualified professionals having the correct knowledge and with standard tools, equipment, and machines.Take guidance from companies who offer Lawn care services.

Reasons for Tree Trimming:

  • Removal of crossing branches for improving the structural integrity.
  • To improve light and air penetration.
  • Removal of dead or diseased limbs for improving plant appearance.
  • Training young plants to grow in proper shape.
  • Controlling plant size.

Your Pool Need Repair

Swimming pools should undergo maintenance like repair, upgrade of accessories and design. The top culprits of swimming pool that needs a repair are structural leaks, skimmers, main drains, and return lines. The in-ground material like concrete, fiberglass and vinyl are vulnerable to leaks and it requires different ways to repair and troubleshoot. The plumbing lines most often leak because of corrosion. Sometimes the return lines leaks, it pump the water and filter back into the pool. There is in need to penetrate the deck to locate the source of the problem. On the other hand, main drain is located on the lowest point of the pool in which most of the debris that sinks will exit through the said drain. Once it malfunction caused by leak this must be repair immediately to avoid water loss and other complication. Remember pool accessories will cause leak and needs repair if not attended or installed properly. These are some of the parts that needs repair to revive, to lessen expenses and have it back the beauty of water world.

Looking for a contractor that will handle swimming pool repair? Contemporary Pools is the trusted contractor in Southwest Florida with regards to pool repair and maintenance. The team consist of experienced members in terms of repair and swimming pool construction that will drive out a successful outcome that fits every requirement. To provide excellent workmanship and after sales service that will satisfy and enjoy the swimming pool experience of every client. To provide quality pool service and maintenance by turning the water of swimming pool into crystal clear blue.

Some common repair services provided by Contemporary Pools are the following:

  • Leak Detection
  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Salt Systems
  • Chlorinators
  • Heat Pumps
  • Water Features
  • Automation Repairs
  • Pool Vacuums