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Monthly Archives: April 2017

The Advantages of Multiple Purpose Furniture

Selecting furniture that has multiple purposes creates several advantages in any sized living space. The biggest advantage is increased storage space. Many apartments, and even some houses, do not have enough closets or storage space. Some people are forced to rent out separate storage units to accommodate all their belongings. That costs extra each month for the rent on the unit, and on travel expenses every time something is needed from storage. There are creative ways to increase storage space without requiring any additional floor space. Drawers and boxes that fit under beds are an ideal way to store personal items. Coffee tables with hidden lower drawers are perfect for keeping crafts, games, and extra coasters out of the way until needed.

Nesting tables, folding trays, and ottomans provide another advantage to utilizing multiple purpose furniture. Extra space for tasks only when needed helps keep rooms free from clutter and overcrowding. Ottomans, for example, can provide a way to put up tired feet after a long day, be used as a computer table for a lap top, serve as an eating surface, and can provide storage, if it is hollow. Nesting tables take up very little space, but can be spread out to around the room as stands for drinks, or places to set out popcorn and snacks during movie night. Folding trays can go behind a desk or couch until they are required. Most of the time they are out of the way, and out of sight.

Larger pieces of furniture can be converted into beds for overnight guests when the need arises. A corner sofa bed, for example, is used as a comfortable couch during the day, but can sleep an adult quickly and easily. Simply remove the back cushions and place a sheet on the sleeping area. It is perfect and convenient. A corner sofa can seat three people comfortably, or provide lounging space for one person, without taking up the center floor space of the entire room. Many corner sofa beds have built-in storage so there is plenty of room to hide bedding and pillows until they are required. Trundle beds are an ideal solution for kids rooms. The bottom bed can be stored most of the time, and slid out for a sleepover. Multiple purpose furniture also saves money because one piece serves the needs of two pieces.