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Some Tools for Garden Maintenance


This is a basic tool that will be available in any home having even a yard area. It is critical in areas where bushes and trees shed or flower. In the Fall season, rake is essential to clean and maintain the garden.


Garden maintenance implies a mower is important. This helps in keeping the area looking beautiful and trimmed. There are mowers in many sizes suitable for different types of ground and lawn. In case your lawn area is small. Buy a small mower, it will be appropriate. But an area with lots of weeds or uneven ground, need a powerful mower featuring larger wheels so that there is better stability and traction.


Trimmer is also essential. This is an upright tool that allows you to reach certain areas that a mower cannot go. In case there are tall weeds, you can easily trim the tall shrubs and for a slope on your land, a trimmer is essential as using a mower safely may be impossible.


This is a hand tool that can be carried to cut flowers, bushes or for that matter anything in the garden. You may use a pruner to pick fruits from your trees carefully and this includes picking plums, cherries, figs, apricots, oranges, lemons and anything else. These are ideal for garden maintenance even for the smallest yard.

Hose Sprinkler

A hose is required when you have water spigots in your home. Attaching hose sprinkler to a spigot is enough and you can water to any of the lawn, trees or plants and ensure proper watering. Use your hose to wash off paths, sidewalks, for car wash or outdoor furniture wash. A hose sprinkler is really handy.

Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers are available in two types, manual and electric. The best is the one that suits your hedge requirements. In case you have a long and tall hedge, few feet tall or long, you may buy an electric hedger and it will work and look great. In case, there are few bushes than consider a manual trimming tool, this would be perfectly fine. With little effort you can make you hedge look perfect


Garden maintenance is incomplete without a shovel. There is a need to buy a large shovel and a small one. There are many reasons to have shovels as it is useful right from digging new holes so that your plant trees or even to turn the garden soil ensuring the soil receives water and air.